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Wells Solar is one of the fastest growing Commercial and Residential Solar Panel Installation Companies in Texas, with over 22,000 installed solar modules and counting. Rest assured that you are getting the highest quality solar energy system with reliable customer service throughout your installation and beyond. Turn to our expert team with confidence and learn about all the benefits of going solar. Gain access to clean energy and experience maximum return on your investment.

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No two businesses are alike, so your solar energy system shouldn't come standard. Wells Solar will custom design your system based on your business's power needs. We will walk you through the entire process so that you feel confident in your decision. Our NABCEP-certified team designs your system to meet zoning restrictions, and customizes your building's look and feel, with minimal interruption to your day-to-day.

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All system components are backed by manufacturer warranties. But that's not all- Wells Solar includes a 10-year warranty on any roof penetrations and a lifetime-workmanship warranty on all components we install, giving you peace of mind and security on your solar investment. Additionally, should you ever have an issue with your system, Wells Solar can monitor your array's performance to help identify and isolate the problem.


Our service-focused team takes care of all of your paperwork. From local building and electrical permits to utility interconnection agreements, applications and rebate documents; Wells Solar will walk you through every step. Our team of licensed electricians and experienced solar installers will expertly install your solar panels with minimal interruption to your day-to-day.


We educate our customers on our technology, our installation process and the options you have for stress-free financing. Real-time monitoring lets you see, on demand how much power you are generating that is saving you money by reducing or eliminating your electric bill.


At Wells Solar, we believe that solar power should be available to everyone. That's why we offer flexible payment solutions including 5-20 year financing and zero down options.

Benefits of A Solar Powered Business

The financial and environmental benefits of installing a quality solar system greatly outweigh the one-time cost of installation. For instance, installing a solar system on your Austin or San Antonio commercial property is not only a reliable, renewable source of energy, but it's a way to offset the costs that come along with operating your business. Enhance your business’s reputation as an environmentally responsible organization while also saving money on your energy bill. Your business can receive all of these benefits while only having to maintain the panels for a few hours per year.

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If you are interested in outfitting your Austin or San Antonio commercial property with a quality solar system, feel free to contact us with any solar questions you may have or for a free consultation. We also provide solar panel installation subcontracting services for residential or commercial projects. So, if your business or solar panel provider needs assistance with the installation of solar systems, please give us a call.

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Wells Solar provides solar powered panels and clean, renewable energy systems to the San Antonio and Austin areas. Go green today! 

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