Residential Solar Installation

Wells Solar is quickly becoming the fastest growing residential solar energy system installer in Texas because we design cost-effective solar solutions; use quality, reliable equipment; provide expert installation; and exceptional customer service.   Our team of experts work hard to provide custom solutions to fit a variety of needs. Let us optimize the solar-power generating capability of your roof top at the lowest cost possible so you can experience the continuous cost saving power of going solar. 


WElls Solar | Why we are different

Flexibility: At Wells Solar, we believe that solar power should be available to everyone. That's why we offer flexible payment solutions including 5-20 year financing and zero down options. 

Reliability: All system components are backed by manufacturer warranties. But that's not all- Wells Solar includes a 10-year warranty on any roof penetrations and a lifetime-workmanship warranty on all components we install, giving you peace of mind and security on your solar investment. Additionally, should you ever have an issue with your system, Wells Solar can monitor your array's performance to help identify and isolate the problem.

Transparency: We educate our customers on our technology, our installation process and the options you have for stress-free financing. Real-time monitoring lets you see, on demand how much power you are generating-power that is saving you money by reducing or eliminating your electric bill. 

Convenience: Our service-focused team takes care of all of your paperwork. From local building and electrical permits to utility interconnection agreements, applications and rebate documents; Wells Solar will walk you through every step. Our team of licensed electricians and experienced solar installers will expertly install your solar panels with minimal interruption to your daily life. 


Grow your savings year after year with wells solar. We operate in austin, dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and the surrounding areas. 

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