Wells Solar is a local, family owned business in Austin, Texas. Wells started as a solar sub-contractor and for many years specialized in installing commercial and residential solar installations for regional companies. Because we've optimized the installation process we are able to offer very competitive pricing and an optimal customer experience to go through the entire process under one roof. 

Wells Solar has made getting solar easy. Solar Simplified. We offer one panel selection, MIssion solar produced in San Antonio Texas. We offer one inverter, Solar Edge, the best choice for our climate. We keep these materials in stock and are ready to install quickly and efficiently. 

We have two master electricians on staff and six journeymen electricians and NABCEP trained staff, so you can ensure that the crew working on your home are highly qualified electricians. 

Getting solar on your home is not complicated, but it does require an expert to guide you through the process. You need to evaluate:

- roof exposure and optimal placement for solar
- local utility rebates
- interconnection process
- HOA approval
- utility approval
- final inspections
- system activation

The first step before you bid on the solar system in the school auction is seeing is solar will work for your home, what size system you can put on your roof and how much of your electric bill that system will offset your usage. To set up a free pre-qualification and solar assessment please fill out this form and we will call you. Thank you for your interest in solar!

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