My wife and I finally decided to take the plungeand install solar panels on our property. The company we chose, Wells Solar, dida great job for us.  We live ona property (2.6 acres) that has 3 dwellings on it.  The building most suitable for panels lay about a hundred yards or so from our main house which had the main electrical panel. Wells took the time to plan with us the best way to connect the panels to the main panel. The route we chose involved breaking numerous sprinkler lines and we were concerned that they might not be repaired. Wells repaired each one to our satisfaction. Even after we discovered that one repair had been missed , they came back and fixed it.  Wells was great about communicating with us on how and when their crews would arrive to the job. They were with us every step of the process including the final inspection by the city.

We are very thankful the Wells was the company we chose to install our panels.


Paul & Rhonda Canales

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